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Melissa K McComas

Chief Strategy Officer

Executive Director of Literary  

Ms. McComas is known as a brand architect within the Fortune 500 Environment. An expert in television, film and literary representation; with a unique curve in the market- keenly focused on return on investment based on her multi-faceted background. Ms. McComas' role as Chief Strategy Officer in any given day begins with negotiating development deals and intellectual property agreements, merchandising and sponsorship deals, developing brand strategies with her team, reviewing and tasking coverage reports among other items while balancing all area's of her matrix for maximum return.  With an extensive background in Marketing & Acquisitions in the Retail, Oil, Cosmetic, Publishing, and the Entertainment Industries, a keen insight on back-end and consumer markets. 

Robert Lee Griffin Jr. 

Executive Marketing Director

 An Executive Marketing Director in the Entertainment industry, with a background in collegiate and professional basketball.  Griffin is passionate about networking, building productive relationships with clients, partners and team members. Well versed in identifying market trends and client needs to create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Creating a nexus between an array of industries to increase marketing breadth including Fortune 500 companies in the portfolio. 

Eric Babinec

Executive Director of Development 

Starting from an engineering background in 1993, Eric quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the creative industry of Hollywood. After providing top level Avid technical support to all of the major studios in Los Angeles, Eric switched gears and jumped into the edit chair in 1998. Feeding the need to be creative, Eric freelanced as an offline Editor for several years before finding his way to the Color suite in 2001. Over the last two decades, Eric has been intimately involved in hundreds of Television programs and Film as an Editor, Colorist and Producer. 

Micheal Shields II

Executive Director of Production 

A television director, Michael's varied talents revolve around editorial content and the creative style of a program while ensuring the final vision is delivered. Whether it be originating program ideas, sourcing contributors his expertise varies based on the nature of the programming and whether it is live or recorded.  An industry insider, attending all major trade shows and events keeping in touch with the bridge between entertainment, creation and monetization. His extremely diverse background makes him fluid in the marketplace, with his "always on time, task, and under budget" credo.